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Hi there! Welcome to my little love letter to an underappreciated artform. I've always adored animations made by small teams and often uploaded to sites such as youtube. In fact, these videos have given me far more motivation and inspiration for my own works than a lot of 'professionally made' animations. Disney makes animated films, sure, but it was the actions of those on the internet that made me realize that animation was something that I could do too! As a result, I feel like I owe the medium of web animation a lot, and have made this website to spread the love!

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10/28/2022: The website's update is complete with new logo and background graphics to reflect the new name.

5/14/2022: Hi there! I'm not dead! I've just been very VERY busy recently (having only 30 minutes of access to internet on a laptop per day will do that do you.), but things have finally cleared up. First things first, I'll be changing the site's name from Webtoon Well to Animation Station, and giving the site some fresh graphics to go with it! Then we'll see about some new articles. Thanks for being around!!

12/8/2020: Happy December! Sorry for the delays in new articles- having a new job will do that to you! I unfortunately have The Plague right now, which has given me some free time. Hoorayyyyy? Regardless, we have a new article up, for Dream! A mysterious and surreal vignette of a beautiful world.

6/2/2020: The newest review is The Vampair, a musical game of cat and mouse between two vampires.

5/22/2020: There is a new review for Toxic Tears, a fantasy adventure with magical cats!

5/17/2020: New review is up for Alien Fighter, a tokusatsu sci-fi adventure.

5/11/2020: New review is up, Sirenetta. It's a fun read! In addition, the about page is now fully detailed, and the resources and links page are filled out now as well, even if they're a little sparse right now.

5/6/2020: First review is up, SSS Warrior Cats. Check it out!

12/30/2019: Website created.